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Dorado Golden Route (DGR) is a collaborative endeavor, powered and created by Fish Simply. The primary goal is to promote golden dorado as a species by bringing together different destinations for its pursuit and creating a structure that will help get golden dorado recognized as one top species to seek on the fly.
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UNA PATAGON1A: A region unique for its potential for fly fishing. Large variants, low density of fishermen, a great variety of salmonids, fishing methods, guides with lots of experience, combination of options, unique landscapes.
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Our goal is to help communicate our participating members, guides and brands, with nature conservation programs, to create the best possible team that can increase the development of the region in a sustainable way


The really owners of the story. Re~empower Lodges & guides, willing to develop their regions.  That is why, we’ve created DORADO GOLDEN ROUTE & UNA PATAGON1A, to prove the power of collaborative working, setting Dorado and Patagonia on a higher level, dividing promotional costs, combining destinations & giving a better service… The region success, it’s gonna be the real victory. That will lead into more money invested in fish protection and habitat preservation.


Actually, we are focusing on South cone [Argentina + Chile + Uruguay]. We have big land to work on. Dorado & Patagonic Trouts will demand lots of dedication.


Because someone has to convert complaint into action. Better if we are a lot, all together. We saw in person habitat and specie degradation and a very light or Marketing efforts to attract more fishermen to this side of the world. We saw as well, selfish and lack of knowledge about the power of working together.
And mainly, because we want our kids, to fish the same, or even bigger fishes in those amazing rivers like we did.

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