Fish on! The magic moment when a Tiger of the river crashes your fly as soon as it touches the water.

PH: Tommo Baxter

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A team of “fanatics” fly fishers who decided to become in guides who will guiding you in the waters of Paraná river.

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Malabaricus Fishing Destinations operates Lodges and fishing destinations in South America, providing the best service for the fanatics of this sport.

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Dorado Golden Route (DGR) is a collaborative endeavor, powered and created by Fish Simply. The primary goal is to promote golden dorado as a species by bringing together different destinations for its pursuit and creating a structure that will help get golden dorado recognized as one top species to seek on the fly.

We are creating a UNION of guides and destinations that will generate attention to this species. This union will transform competitors into collaborators with conservation as a shared bond. Coordinated efforts in these specific destinations will lead to increased demand, resulting in:

  • more revenue for the guides involved
  • more local jobs and economic growth, and
  • more resources to be spent on conservation efforts.



From our own base in el Tunal city, we fish the magnificent Rio Juramento. River that holds monster Golden Dorado.
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Located in the village of “Las Lajitas” in the middle of the “yunga Salteña” (subtropical forest), adjacent to the National Park El Rey, the Rio Dorado runs freely.
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This section of the Parana River is located in the extreme northern part of Corrientes.
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The mythic Dorado (Salminius Maxilosus) is clearly the main target on this river. Dorado range between 4 and 20 pounds with the possibility of fish up to 35 pounds.

Our fishing will be done using North Carolina type boats (16 foot length) equipped with 90hp four stroke motors plus electric motors at the front of the boat which are remote controlled by the guide for a silent approach to the fishing areas. We will be mainly fishing on river brunches, at the head of islands and along deep banks of the main river where different structures (fallen trees, rocks structures and cut banks) generate ideal feeding spots for a natural hunter like the Dorado.

For sight fishing lovers we fish the shallow water on sand bars. This technique is more challenging and demands precise casts since we are casting only to what we see and especially for dorados 12 to 20 pounds in 2 or 3 feet of water. We can transform our boats to a “flats boat” with platforms for the guide to pole the flats and for anglers to rotate casting to visible Dorado. This technique is available to add a unique variety to the fishing program and we will be doing it only for shorter periods of time when the visibility conditions are optimum.


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