The foundation will aim to promote, foment , boost and achieve full sustainable development of Rio Juramento, from the ecological, economic , social , political and cultural view all the way in Salta Province and surrounding provinces

Aims and Objectives

  • Promote or boost the means for the care and control of fishing, hunting, clearing, planting, use of water for drinking, irrigation, industry, waste treatment and other activities in the river, it’s coasts / or surrounding areas.

  • Promote studies and research of fish species and their environments and detection of pollution problems and waste treatment and any other activities with environmental impact on the river.

  • Promote courses, workshops and seminars and training for sports fishermen, coastal communities and tourism operators to enhance their conservationist spirit.

  • Promote relations and academic collaboration with universities and academic institutes, both domestic and foreign, in order to promote the exchange of information, publications and research.

  • Sponsor and help the recruitment of professionals and lecturers whose contribution may be necessary for the purposes of the foundation.

  • To collaborate, contribute and sign agreements with government and/or privates to intensify their work on controlling and protecting the environment, as well as training and development of an environmental spirit.

  • Carrying out regular publications by all means, that are inseparable from the goals of the Foundation.

  • Promote, by any means protection of the environment in order to sensitize the public about the vital role it holds for humanity, designing policies and appropriate tools for this purpose to, and generate public participation processes.

  • Intervene in legal, judicial, administrative or otherwise contribute to the achievement of the object issues.

  • Arrange a free legal advice so it can be accessed by individuals and/or NGOs need.

  • Arrange the equipment, the human and material infrastructure necessary for achieving the objectives.

The aims and objectives are simply declarative and do not limit or rule out other forms of compliance with the object and purpose of the Foundation, which will have to achieve his ends the ability and all the rights that the law agrees to legal persons of its kind It is especially entitled to exercise the actions deriving from the collective rights and public interest provided for in the Constitution, international human rights treaties, the Constitution of the Province of Salta and the other legislation.

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