Kingfisher WorldClass®

Our seal of quality. Look for the lodges that follow our values: Premium servicehuman quality, transparency, responsibility and sustainability

Someone has to convert complaint into action. We saw in person habitat and specie degradation, while the loose of marketing efforts to attract more fishermen to this side of the world. We saw as well, selfish and lack of knowledge about the power of working together.

PREMIUM SERVICE: We choose the best lodges available that will cover each of the eco regions. Contemplating the service, facilities, gastronomy and other amenities.

LOCAL GUIDES: selected for his high level fly fishing knowledge, responsibility, human quality and his English language.

HUMAN QUALITY: We are not only lovers of nature, but also of people. We value good humor and good predisposition. We create bonds of camaraderie and even friendship for a lifetime.

TRANSPARENCY: FishSimply lodges will have a clear offer and no surprises for their guests without extra charges or additional charges that have not been previously agreed.

RESPONSIBILITY: Lodges must be responsible in the management of waste, materials, water use, relationships with employees, suppliers and respectful of the community.

SUSTAINABILITY: Fly fishing is one of the tourist activities with less environmental impact. Fy fishing fanatics struggle to keep nature intact and preserve native forests by slowing the pace of deforestation by agriculture and livestock.

Enjoy fly fishing, enjoy FishSimply!

If you have a lodge that respect our values, you know some that you think should be part of FishSimply or are you a flyfishing guide that have our conditions, please contact us, we are waiting for you!

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