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Santa Cruz river is home to the only steelhead run on the whole Atlantic coast
From late February till May chrome bright steelhead enter this river from the ocean in huge numbers. 
 We based our operation at Los Plateados lodge, located next to the most productive stretch of this river.


Accommodation is set in a Cabin on the riverside, approximately 50 miles upstream from the rivers estuary.
Lodging is arranged for 4 anglers in two double rooms. Simple but comfortable the cabin has everything you need, even a warm fireplace.
Both breakfast and dinner prepared by an Argentine chef and will be served in the Cabin, prepared by an Argentine chef.

The Fish / SteelHead

The fish were introduced in the early 1900’s, brought from Californias McCloud river. Steelhead have often been credited as being one -if not the- hardest fighting migratory fish and the specimens in Santa Cruz are no exception, where they can reach over 20lb. 
Chasing these fish is a profound experience and the magnificence of the river and landscape will make you feel its magic.


Four of the best spring creeks of south Patagonia

These rivers are small and demand a lot of different techniques to catch their fish.

All of these rivers have been outside of the fishermen radar, one of the main reasons why they keep such a good population of brooks and browns.

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